Your greatest resource is now your forecasting software. One thing drives your profits: precise forecasting. Improve the accuracy of your forecasts with award-winning software for even the most complex oil and gas projects. After creating your forecast, you’ll be able to monitor it down to the line item as the project proceeds. Monitor changing costs, flag trouble spots, and gather information from the office and field in realtime. Oil and gas forecasting has never been more powerful.

Avadencia allows you to:

  • Create complex forecasts from anywhere
  • Track assumed increases/decreases in mining/excavation yields
  • Monitor the effects of cost increases
  • Oversee project or portfolio details at-a-glance
  • Instantly access metrics of project actuals, forecasts, and target costs
  • View and examine the history of individual line items of interest with Instant Recall™
  • Gather project archives, including photos and other documentation
  • Improve team collaboration, with mobile communication from the office and field
  • Increase business intelligence, using past forecast performance to improve future forecast accuracy

Find out what Avadencia can do for your next forecast.