Forecasting capabilities you’ve never had before. The biggest problem with building bridges, tunnels, airports, sewer lines and other key infrastructure?: being limited to catching problems after the fact.

Avadencia helps you develop more accurate forecasts while allowing you to make better decisions as your project progresses, using current data from the office or field.

Complete projects successfully, win more bids, and build business.

Avadencia allows infrastructure forecasters to:

  • Track project development against maintenance/repair targets
  • Flag issues affecting project time or budget, to catch problems as they arise
  • Monitor cost increases and their impact on the forecast as they happen
  • Oversee individual projects or portfolios from one portal
  • Analyze individual metrics regarding project actuals, forecasts, and targets
  • Get easy-to-understand graphics of project metrics and forecasts
  • “Drill-down” to closely examine individual line items influencing your forecast
  • Enjoy mobile, cloud-based collaboration between teams in the office and field
  • Collect & archive documents, photographs, and more related to the forecast
  • Manage multiple projects from a single screen
  • Manage multiple projects within a portfolio
  • Collect project documentation, including site photographs and notes

How will Avadencia improve your infrastructure project forecasting this year?

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