Fix your forecasting. 98% of construction projects are delayed and over budget. What role are your forecasts playing in your results? Improve your timelines and your project success with more accurate construction forecasts than ever before, powered by Avadencia.

  • Forecast using real time data from office and field
  • Monitor ongoing changes to the project forecast as they happen
  • View the effects of change orders, cost increases, and more – so you can react
  • Explore line item history in detail
  • Explore line item history in detail
  • Account for cost factors related to quality testing or other testing
  • Take steps to eliminate incorrect cost assumptions
  • Oversee project details to end-run project spend overrun
  • Access instant metrics of project actuals, forecasts, and target costs
  • Manage multiple projects from a single screen
  • Manage multiple projects within a portfolio
  • Collect project documentation, including site photographs and notes
  • and more

Avadencia also allows you to generate more from your project data, so you can immediately improve ongoing projects while learning from them for future bids and forecasts.

Experience why Avadencia is the award-winning software choice for construction firms.