The Future of Project Forecasting

Avadencia is award-winning software that makes even the most complex forecasting intuitive and efficient for businesses of all sizes.


Forecasts are at the heart of project success for any industry. Conversely, the cost of inaccurate forecasts is extremely high: lost time, lost money, damaged business reputations.

It was time for a solution.

To build the most comprehensive forecasting software solution, we gathered industry forecasting experts, cloud and mobile software engineers, and high level business executives, to assure that Avadencia would address forecasting challenges from every possible stakeholder perspective.

And it does.

Avadencia boasts the most comprehensive, detail-oriented features of any forecasting software in the market today. From its unique ability to “drill down” on line items to learn how they evolved over time to flagging issues and offering cloud-based collaboration capabilities, Avadencia has significantly moved the needle in solving forecasting problems across industries.

We are proud of the awards Avadencia has won to date, but we have many more features to bring to our industry clients. To be clear: we’re just getting started!

Our Leadership


Over two decades ago, before “mobile” was the everyday term it is now, Michael S. Saddik had developed an early mobile application for the construction industry, leading one of only two companies in the country doing so.

As technology evolved, so Saddik’s leadership in the industry grew, as did his eye for developing products that were ahead of the curve in meeting customer needs. A founding member of a successful start-up, Saddik led his company to dominate its market segment, achieving national recognition as an Inc. 500 company and a successful M&A exit. Combining decades of executive business consulting and technology experience, his understanding of how to use technology to improve a company’s bottom line is simply unparalleled.

Saddik holds an MBA from Pepperdine University, where he was recently honored as a 40 Over 40 Alumni, and is certified by Columbia Business School in General Management. Under his leadership, Avadencia and his other business ventures have won numerous awards including Red Herring North America and Red Herring Global, cloud awards, Top Products industry recognitions, and more.


With over 20 years of engineering expertise architecting technology solutions for the construction industry and more. An early pioneer of enterprise-centric desktop and mobile frameworks for project forecasting and field progress monitoring, he now guides the development of Avadencia’s award-winning forecasting and AI features. With experience in the construction, defense, oil and gas industries and more, he has been instrumental in the advancement of cloud-based forecasting software.

Metri holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University.


An avid technologist and executive, George draws on years of high-level experience measuring, analyzing and strategically improving performance. He specializes in collaborating with stakeholders to plan, execute, troubleshoot and deliver quality projects within budgets and timeframes. Avadencia operations rely on his strategic operational oversight, allowing the company to continuously outperform goals. Goubran’s insight into performance metrics, trend analysis, and business process solutions has led him to co-create industry-winning software products in multiple categories with Avadencia and elsewhere.

Avadencia is based in
beautiful Southern California.

(but we hope you won’t hold that against us.).