Orange County Business Journal Names Avadencia President Michael S. Saddik as a “Excellence and Entrepreneurship” Award Nominee

Avadencia continues gathering new accolades with the Orange County Business Journal naming Avadencia President Michael S. Saddik as one of its Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award Nominees from 2014.

As stated in the OCBJ, “Michael Saddik is an accomplished strategic executive and brings over 20 years of extensive domestic and international experience. Relocating to Orange County in 2005 from the Silicon Valley, Saddik started numerous technology corporations in the Orange County area. During times when the economy was struggling and most entrepreneurs were having a difficult time striving, Saddik succeeded in starting companies that have gone on to grow in value. Currently he is working on a joint venture with another serial entrepreneur called Avadencia. Avadencia is a cloud-based project forecasting company. Although the company is under a year old, it already has a successful product in the industry and has received positive reactions from some of the largest heavy construction firms.”

The EIE Awards will take place at the Hotel Irvine on March 18, 2014.