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Improve your budget and timeline performance with smarter forecasts. Avadencia’s cloud-based solutions allow you to work with realtime data, highlight changing factors and cost drivers, and automatically adjust your forecasts for accuracy. Input, monitor, analyze, and act on key metrics in new and powerful ways, for better results with every project.

Our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) qualifications assure that we factor sustainability and the greater impact of our work into how we identify and analyze risk, explore opportunities, and manage business decisions at every step.

Game-changing Features

For More Comprehensive, Accurate Forecasts

  • Responsive Forecasting with RealTime Inputs

  • Identity Sources of Delay and Cost

  • Spotlight Issues & Take Corrective Action

  • Create Detailed Project Achives

  • User-friendly Interfaces & ERP Integration

  • Cloud-based Access for Mobile Collaboration

What Is Inaccurate
Forecasting Costing
Your Business?



80% of respondents said that they spend half their time on rework. (source: Geneca)


9 out of 10 construction projects experience cost overrun, and the failure rate of large projects with budgets exceeding US$1 million is almost 50% higher than projects below $350K.


Only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects.

This means that 97.5% of companies are failing – when they don’t have to.

Industry Spotlight:

With highly sensitive timelines, multi-layered projects, and more, the Infrastructure industry needs software capable of handling complex forecasts and broad portfolios. Avadencia offers new solutions for every challenge, including:

  • Tracking project development against maintenance and repair targets

  • “Drill down” on individual line items affecting the forecast

  • Single portal oversight of multiple projects

  • Cloud-based access for realtime collaboration from office & field

  • And more

Now More Than Ever Reliable Forecasting
Is A Must

Avadencia’s focus on real-time data takes the guesswork out of overseeing, adjusting and reacting to forecasting in this constantly changing, challenging time.

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