Industry Experience Led to the Creation of Avadencia

Avadencia offers innovative software solutions to make complex forecasting more intuitive and efficient for businesses of all sizes.  Our team brings together high-level managers, cloud and mobile software developers, and experienced engineers, each with a different key perspective on what goes into good forecasting software. With years of insight into the needs of project managers, executives, and others who hold stakes in a large project, we then designed the best forecasting software tool available: the product we wished had existed for us!

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Michael S. Saddik


Michael S. Saddik is an accomplished strategic executive bringing over 20 years of extensive experience to his work in the technology field. Saddik has been awarded both Red Herring North America and Red Herring Global recognitions for his endeavors to date.

Saddik has a long history of interest in software and application development for the construction industry. He developed his first mobile application for the construction industry in 1997.  At the time his company was one of only two companies able to offer that level of software in the United States.  As technology evolved, so did Saddik’s leadership in the industry and his eye for products that were ahead of the curve.”

A consistent theme throughout Saddik’s leadership career has been engaging companies to perform above and beyond their expectations.  As founding team member of a successful start-up, Saddik led his company to dominate its market segment, achieving national recognition as an Inc. 500 company (#104 in 2005) and succeeding in a successful M&A exit.  Underperforming departments and teams have given him an opportunity to be instrumental in their turnaround, instituting guidelines and initiatives resulting, for example, in 300% revenue increase over two years in one case.  In another case, he directed the growth of companies with elements of new monthly reoccurring revenue (MRR) generation, including sales, and has led corporate branding and marketing initiatives.  Additionally, his M&A experience spans due diligence engagements for nine companies by various investor groups and corporate buyers.

Michael has served as a Board Member for The Lupus Foundation of Northern California, a non-profit organization, since 2005. He holds an MBA from Pepperdine University with an emphasis on executive leadership and certification by Columbia Business School in General Management.

Sam Metri


Metri is the Co-Creator of Avadencia, the first advanced, cloud-based collaborative software dedicated to job forecasting. As an engineer, Metri has focused his career on improving software capabilities for the project-based industries he understands best, including Oil and Gas, Construction and Defense.  He leverages over 15 years of expertise in construction and technology to innovate and architect solutions for the greatest challenges faced by these industries and more.

Long before the rise of the mobile tablet, Metri was the pioneer of enterprise-centric desktop and mobile frameworks for project forecasting and field progress monitoring. Avadencia now offers the next generation of such organizational framework and collaboration tools, enhancing them for easy access and use in today’s mobile work environment.

Metri is holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering and BS in computer engineering from San Jose State University.

Allen Goad


For nearly twenty years, Goad has led operations for the most demanding industries in the world, from Oil and Gas companies to software development teams.  Goad’s notable accomplishments include successful mergers and acquisitions strategies, increased profitability through reduction of inventory turns, improved on-time-delivery, increased quality of goods and services, reduced production and supply chain lead-times.  He has also overseen total company turnaround utilizing the most advanced business strategies including Strategy Deployment, Operational Excellence, and Lean Sigma.

Whether working with military and governmental service providers, engineering teams, or aerospace leaders, Goad’s expertise has helped strong companies reach new levels of excellence by using efficient planning and operations.  He holds a Master Black Belt from Sigma Pro, Lean Management from the University of Tennessee, Lean Techniques from Lean Enterprise Institute, and Black Belt from the Motorola Six Sigma Academy.  He is a graduate of the Presidential & Key Executive MBA program at Pepperdine University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Arkansas State University.

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